Vendor Terms

Vendor Terms


The Terms are dependent on sell through and vice versa; selection and inclusion are based on selling presence within our Member stores. Terms are negotiated for the best possible outcome. Each manufacturer is different, and must adhere to their profit structure, so terms are not consistent. We try very hard for a base line of terms, but it is really not possible with all Vendors.

Vendors may offer other specials during the year at shows or for specific reasons that are better than our yearly terms. We encourage you to take the best terms offered, but you cannot take both ours and the show specials offered.

The staff of TGTG is willing to intercede to the extent we can when problems arise. The end result of all of our efforts should be the best possible terms, product and service for you, and the best possible sales to the consumer for the vendors. We ask for preferential shipping priority for catalog items as well, but expect you to place timely and future dated orders.

For each piece, we provide a complete set of Vendor terms and products sheets, sorted by Vendor (sample sheet included). These sheets include company contact information, all product information, and terms we have negotiated with the vendor for that current catalog. We have defined all terms on these sheets in this section. These sheets may change throughout the course of each catalog. We have provided a Date Revised on each sheet to give you the date it was last updated.

Vendor Terms Defined

We have carefully worked on catalog terms that are fair to both retailers as well as vendors. Please read carefully and be aware of these important terms. Our strength comes from retailers ordering, selling and paying with integrity. Our vendors are required to manufacture, ship and bill with integrity.

All participating Vendors have agreed to the prices and terms listed in their Vendor Terms and Product List, as well as the terms and conditions printed below.

Separate terms are negotiated for seasonal fliers, which may only apply to those doing the piece.

The following sheet is an example of the Vendor Product List. You’ll find these defined terms in the second box on that sheet.

Terms Defined- Holiday:

Year-Long Terms (if noted) means the vendor extends the terms all year long.

Minimum Opening Order means a Retailer’s first-ever order to a new Vendor from whom the Retailer has never purchased.

Minimum Re-order means any order after your first order.

Dating means any available dating given to our Members.

Freight Policy states the policy for allowing members any freight allowance.

Discount means a Vendor is offering a discount off the regular wholesale price for either items shown in the catalog or their entire line. Terms are good for the date shown.

Date TGTG Terms Start/End indicates the dates for which terms are valid.

TGTG Mtg. Terms (Holiday Only) means extra terms available to those attending the June Member Meeting.

Not attending Mtg. Terms (Holiday Only) means Vendor extended terms for those not attending the June Member Meeting.

Group Terms Marked “Yes” or “No” (Seasonal Pieces Only) means the Vendor either extends terms to the entire group (marked “Yes”) or only to those participating in the piece (marked “no”).